The Disk Defragmentation: effective ways to get the disk clean up

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Most people are familiar with computers, how they were used in each part of our lives. During this time, we meet many questions. You may find that the computer is slower and slower. Or you spend more time on. Because the disk c is full of all kinds of files and the remaining space is increasingly small. This is the reason why your computer normally as before can work. It is important and useful to teach us the disk defragmentation. In the following article, I will present some basic manner, but effective for you.

If the computer works, say that write data to a file or from a program, it is impossible for the computer, the data in a file to write or something else. For example, some data at the beginning can be after treatment, while writing that some at the end. In this case the programs work slowly. This is why it is important for us to do so, the disk defragmentation regularly. The simplest is the Defragmenter of clean redundant data and use the files of the hard disk. Computers have defragmentation while ignores it many people simply such function. How to use the Defragmenter? First, click on the start menu and enter the code “dfrg.msc”. A window appears. Select the drive that you want to use, have the defragmentation of the hard disk, and then click “analyze”. After a few seconds, you clearly are the analysis and some of the report warns, if disk defragmentation or not must. With this function, you can organize, or delete the files fragmented on the hard disk.