PC Support For a Wireless Computer Network is The Backbone

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There will be no exaggeration to say that one of the most important issues for any business is information. Also the transfer of data to the persons concerned is important. Communication between computers was faster and easier to make computer networks. Offers not only a faster communication, it allows users access to Remoteprogramme and remote databases from the same undertaking or other organizations.

Apart from that there are other reasons for computer networks use. Over computer networks, hardware and software resource sharing and the reduction of microcomputer based networks instead of central computers costs can be reduced by the. Collect information from multiple resources, simplified the reliability of the data provided.

According to the definition of computer networks is nothing but the process of connecting multiple computers to the communication, so that the information and resources of all connected devices could be shared.

Categorization of computer networks can be as media communication, scale, topology network used on a variety of functions, communication protocol, and so on.

Use media of computer networks
A medium is inevitable for the communication between two devices. There are more than one medium, the electrical cables, fiber optic and radio waves are used for networks. Electrical and optical fiber are in wireline technology used during radio waves wireless technology.