How You Can Have Your Own Android Apps

Posted by | Posted in Personal Tech | Posted on 18-12-2011


Many people are currently already has android devices with all existing applications, but not many people know how to have or create your own android applications. Here below, are ways that you can know as well as how to learn the steps to make some good money making application. Like most things there are a number of tools to make Android apps and we’ll put you in the right direction to start this process. Android application development is now a thriving business, because it is based on open source platforms. If You are a programmer you’ll find it easy to develop applications.

When You start preparing to design an application, You need to ensure that it is functional. Before You begin the process of designing your application, You need to know all the apps use XML file which is the main source for defining user interfaces and layouts. These XML files associated with the activities carried out by the application; in accordance with what is in the device’s display; either vertical, horizontal or tablet form. There are different layouts but make it easy to customize a variety of different screen sizes and shapes. Different aspects of the app is graphics and controls.