Software Consulting Companies in India Are Rising Due to Software Outsourcing Success

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Offshore software outsourcing has benefited both the clients and the providers. Western countries like US, Canada, UK etc. are increasingly relying on Asian countries; especially developing countries like India, Indonesia, and Philippines for their software services. A software company in India with loads of experience is the first preference for western countries today. There are millions of Indians who are skilled, intelligent, and adept in a variety of software creation languages. They are also known for their ability to meet deadlines and very cost-effective in the truest sense of the term. Many foreign organizations have found out the lucrative benefits of software outsourcing to India and many have even developed offshore software development branches in the metropolitan cities.

Consider this, according to several research reports, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, General Electric, Oracle, etc. are outsourcing much of their work today and this list is consistently growing in the field of custom software development. Many of them have started with the aim of yielding the maximum ROI by reducing costs extracting work from low-cost areas like India, China, and Philippines. Majority of them stand to save in the range of 40%-70%.

However, choosing an offshore software provider is not an easy task; it demands proper synchronization between the client and the provider. India proves to be an ideal destination for the outsourcing process as they possess adequate knowledge of English, and are also skilled in various areas of software development and research.

Small Business Technology Roadmap Project Plan Workbook

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Small Business Technology Roadmap Project Plan Workbook – Video Demo Excerpt

Call Center India: Specialized Customer Care Unit

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With an intimidating approach towards globalization and international trade, companies are also emphasizing on pre and post sales customer support. Be it IT, retails, automobiles, banking, insurance or media companies everyone is out looking for an ideal and right call center to help them provide valuable customer support to their customers.

The modern call centers are fully backed up by cutting edge technology to receive and respond to the request of the customers. The answering services of inbound call center or telemarketing or lead generation process of outbound call center services, both are handled well and efficiently with prominence by offshore call centers.

Due to the spur in the outsourcing industry, offshore call centers hubs like India have become very competitive and technology oriented. In the span of just eight to ten years, Indian outsourcing services have achieved new excellence and heights of services. With the time, the range of Indian call center services have also increased and now, the revenue generated by Indian BPO industry is said to be worth of 10.9 billion US Dollars. The geographical advantage of 12 hours gap and skilled manpower makes India an invincible outsourcing power. Working 24/7 and 365 days they ensure that customers remain top priority. The customer services of call center serve as an extension of your business meant solely for customer care. No wonder, the CCU or Customer Care Unit of call center India is the most trusted and reliable. Along with that, the good perks and commissions at extraordinary customer services, keep the spirits of agent up.