Jargons That Rule The Call Center Industry

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According to Wikipedia, the definition of Jargon is – ‘Jargon is terminology which is especially defined in relationship to a specific activity, profession, group, or event.’ The use of jargons started with the technical backgrounds in science, especially when the terms and terminologies were too long and took a lot of time to explain. Precisely, the use of jargons can initiate a type of short-hand, to define any idea that is repeatedly discussed among the same community or groups. The jargons used in outsourcing call centers are completely different from the common day use and totally focused towards saving the time that is usually seen in the call center floors.

Here is a list of jargons that find usage up to 90% in the inbound and outbound call centers. These jargons may be a little complicated for the novice, but gradual practice will make it a part of the daily life. Know them now!
ACW – After Call Work- It is a period of time that is undertaken (for supplementary work for that last call) by an agent once the call is finished.

One and Done – The ability for the customer transaction that is completed by any agent in a single effort.

Document Scanning Service

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One of the most challenging and beneficial tasks one can do when evaluating a product or service is a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis. It is also one of the most difficult since lots of assumptions need to be made and empirical evidence to support the analysis is hard to come by. However, that is simply not the case when performing an ROI analysis on Document Scanning solutions.

So what makes Document Scanning solutions different in regards to ROI analysis? Well for one thing, everyone can understand the concept of a Document Scanning solution. We have all waited while somebody rifled through a filing cabinet looking for a contract, patient file, or some other document to no avail. I have personally spent countless hours looking for enterprise software license contracts which are more often lost than located. One can only imagine how uncomfortable it is explaining to a customer that you don’t have any record of the special terms and conditions they negotiated 3 years ago for a 5 year contract.