Rural Education Technology Summit

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More than 150 rural education stakeholders and technology experts from 26 states came together to learn from one another and provide feedback to federal officials at a National Rural Education Technology Summit in Washington, DC, on July 21, 2010.

Check Points While Choosing Software Development Company

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The world is evolving! Those who come out as winner of the evolution are the one who have adapted themselves to the changing world. The current day shift involves the use of technology in all our works. Dependency on new tools and technology is growing day by day. Even from making breakfast to taking decisions in a huge project involving millions of cost we look to IT services. For any project, organizations today make a thorough analysis of the requirements to be used in the system technology, the kind of data which may be required, the time and budgetary constraints involved and many other factors. The standard conditions required for the developed product or services are also finalized to its minute details at the initiation phase of the project. Business organizations also need to be ahead of the competition and therefore it is vital to have tailor-made, cost-effective, quality custom solutions that can execute and deliver quick results.