Does An Email Marketing Campaign Work?

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When Tim Berners Lee created the first HTML code, he had no idea how important the Internet would become. Originally created by scientists at the Cern Hadron collider to share technical data, emails have now become the single most popular use of Internet technology. That sharing of information by the original scientists has now become a global phenomenon that has people checking their inboxes several times a day to see if they’ve ‘got mail’. It’s a business opportunity going begging. Which is exactly why an email marketing campaign works.

A targeted audience

An email marketing campaign gives you something that other advertising campaigns don’t – a targeted audience. It gives you the opportunity to hone in on your potential customers, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to do more than just opt-in for your email updates. They’ve already expressed an interest in you – your email marketing campaign should capitalise on that and concentrate on converting opt-ins into sales.

A chance for customer interaction

Announcing the CAL conference 2011 – Learning Futures: Education, Technology & Sustainability

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CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) is one of the leading international conferences in the field of education and technology. It brings together researchers across all education sectors, from primary years, to informal learning, to higher education, and across a range of disciplines from psychology to computer science, media and cultural studies. In 2011, the conference will lead a challenging international debate about the future of research and practice in educational technology. In this video Professor Keri Facer, the conference Co-chair, gives a tribute to previous CAL conferences, outlines the key themes of the 2011 conference and outlines the exciting activities and real, cutting edge research that will be part of CAL 11. To find out more about CAL 11 and to reserve your place, visit the conference website:

Advantages of Custom Development Services

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Custom Software development services especially for your organization needs and requirements, goals and for business rules. Custom developments services are use to give the priority to the needs and necessities of the customers and do not deliver any unwanted functions. Custom development services are increases the profit your business by providing you various beneficial services so that your website will rank on top of the search engine and more and more people are come and visit your website. Custom development services provided many benefits such as custom development services do not require any license fee. Customer development services provide an application that completely meets the client’s requirements. Another advantage of custom development services is that they provide IT solutions that are not available in the market. They are also use to enable the team to solve the complex and technical business problem.

Spanish Language Call Center – An Extra $1 Trillion in Potential Business

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Studies show that the Hispanic population in the United States is a large and savvy consumer base with discretionary spending power that makes them a reckoning force in the world marketplace. Hispanics living in the United States are approaching 50 million in number, and their buying power is almost at one trillion dollars. Few businesses can afford to turn their backs on a market that lucrative. Advertising targeted to Spanish-speaking citizens through television, internet, print media, and social networking is of little value if a language barrier keeps those potential clients away when they call in to contact your company representatives. Utilizing a Spanish language call center can help your business take advantage of the huge Hispanic market in the US.

A reputable Spanish language call center is basically a large center of operations where employees answer phones or communicate over the internet with customers or potential customers in Spanish. These employees should be regionally-neutral native Spanish-speakers. Educated, clear-speaking individual are a must. If they have training in sales psychology it is even better. Of course, they should deal with your clients in a friendly and respectful manner at all times. There should be plenty of call stations to handle spikes in business activity due to seasonal business or especially impactful advertising.

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