BPO Life: Know Its Pros and Cons

Posted by | Posted in Contact Center | Posted on 17-02-2010


BPO has grown up to be a serious career option of many young people. Previously it was perceived as an industry where college drop-outs joined up to earn some fast bucks and then move on to the other ‘traditional’ career options. Business process outsourcing is no longer a stop-gap career option for the youth. They have realized the potential of call center services to be the most sought after industry for the investors. They have also come to know more positive facts about life at a contact center. Let us examine here the pros and cons of life at a BPO firm.

To begin with, BPO firms are extremely competitive arenas. If you really have the drive and the enthusiasm, you can make a mark for yourself. If you have envisioned call center floors as somewhere you can just stroll in and walk out with a fat pay check, you can’t be more wrong. At the call center, you need to rise up to the challenge every single day. Inbound contact center agents are like the spokesperson for the clients who do business with your firm. If you don’t get your act together and fast, you will be edged out of the competition before you can settle down in your chair. You have to pick things fast and implement them, as and when required. In the times of the recession, any professional with added skill sets is an asset. Make an effort to pick up as many skills as you can from your superiors and team managers.

BPO life also means making small sacrifices to your social life. Major timings of the call center life ask you to work nigh shifts. This may hamper your social life and your connection with your friends and family. It affects your body clock in a way that you have difficulty in adjusting to day jobs, should you decide to switch careers or your shift timings change. The night life is detrimental to the health in many cases. Your digestive system is most affected. There’s the added stress and pressure connected to BPO life as well. The recent times have added another point of concern. The falling dollar value has dwindled the perks and salaries to a bare minimum. Almost every business process outsourcing firm has taken measures to cut down on costs. So if the salary was the main focus why you wanted to join up for a BPO life, you need to think again.

So what makes all these young people sign up for a BPO life? Job satisfaction, positive peer pressure, challenges, healthy competition and acquiring skill sets that they can benefit from throughout their professional lives are some reasons. If you feel you are looking for these reasons in your career, BPO life is just right for you.

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